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04."▓I initially didn't want to send him ▓to special education because I beli▓eved he would overcome his disorder and be able to stay in primary school with children who don't have

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autism," she says.She quit her job as an account▓ant to sit in the back of her son's classroom.It's c▓ommon that families lose a breadwinner as one of the parents gives

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up working to care for children wi▓th autism.Fan's son started throwing more explosive tantrum▓s upon reaching puberty. So, the family sent him to a special-needs

her 16-year-old son, who'▓s a head

school with courses for children with autism who are younger than age 16 in 2014."He's too old to stay at the s▓chool now," she says."I hope he can someday earn his

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own ▓living."Her concerns are shared by many such parents.Yang Zhonghao's parents sent him to a calligraphy-training▓ agency in 2007 to help the 23-year-old alleviate the anxiety that comes with his disorder.He became less irritable, and started winning regional and nat▓ional prizes for his works."He often had epileptic seizures after age 18," recalls h

is mother, Qi Zhiying."He's an adult. But it's ▓difficult for him to be independent, t▓o have a job and to adjust to new environments."She worries he may be injured without his family's protection▓.She believes his ideal job would be to run a call▓igraphy studio in his ho

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me in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region's Ordos.Such NGOs as the red-brick Autistic or Autistic Art▓ studio in Beijing's 798 are also working to assist

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the children and alleviate parents' concerns.Income sourcesBrightly colored paintings by artistically talented children and adults wit


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th the paintings line a shelf."We hel▓p them sell the paintings and make creative p▓

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roducts using their works," studio co-founder Zhou Jing s▓ays."A

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